The SDE as software workbench for secure services

Within the NESSoS project, a variety of analysis and development tools for different aspects of service security engineering are used. In order to increase the speed of the development as well as the level of security of service-oriented software and systems we embed these tools into the NESSoS tool workbench which serves also as tool integration platform for of service-oriented software. On the NESSoS tool workbench, tools are services that can be published and discovered; they provide arbitrary functionality and can be used as-is, or combined defining new services. Each tool provides a set of functions which can be invoked using a text editor or graphic editor.

Technically, the Service Development Environment (SDE) serves as NESSoS tool workbench.

Please note that the SDE is open-source, but no longer maintained by LMU.

Currently, the following NESSoS-related tools are integrated into the NESSoS Workbench:

An overview of all NESSOS-related tools, techniques and methods can be found in the NESSOS Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). A plug-in for searching the CBK from within the SDE is available: [eclipse update site]